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Here are some of my publications at Boileau Music Publishing House:



Vela, Materials per a la prova d'accès a Grau Mitjà
Presto agitato, trompeta i piano, Ester Vela

You will find the New CD on La Guido's record label

Narcisa Freixas (1859-1926) Piano integral, by Ester Vela, piano

Also at AMAZON





In the Amazon store you can download the albums Josep Maria Mestres Quadreny, 21st Century Catalan Music, Dances and Piano vs onaiP:

CD Música catalana del s.XXI, Duo Vela
CD Josep Ma Mestres Quadreny

In this link you can download the Article published in the Revista Catalana de Musicologia, n. XII, 2019. P. 347-389.

In the 160th anniversary of the birth of the Catalan composer and pedagogue Narcisa Freixas, Genrealitat de Catalunya's  Department of Education is commissioned this Unit aimed at students in the professional music degree:


On the page of the 2009 Reus Awards page you can download the score of Nadala in canon On the most beautiful night .


There is a version with string orchestra accompaniment (elementary level) that you can ask by email if you are interested. In this video you can see it interpreted by the students of the Municipal School of Music Eixample directed by Eva Martínez:

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